Tribes @ Segal Centre – December 10, 2015

tribes2Tribes, Segal Centre’s “Brilliant, entertaining and educational theatre production”, illustrates humanity’s need to understand and be understood! This exciting and heart warming romantic, sometimes humorous, drama is about Billy, who is deaf, and what happens when he finally learns from his girlfriend the secret to effective communication through American Sign Language (ASL).


He sat at a table with an empty chair

With knowledge and beauty, she came to sit down

Then they felt the wonderful chemistry

Finally he was not alone in silent town


He was born deaf and didn’t know what he was missing.

She was losing her hearing gradually as time went by

He never knew how well he could communicate until he met her

Because she opened his mind up through the lovely world of sign


I never knew that signing poetry could be so beautiful

Tribes shows that it’s another great language to say

How I miss you can mean I love you

After having cast his eccentric family away.


And as graceful as the words roll off a tongue

Expressing ideas, passion and play

So can they from a skillful hand gesture … and maybe more ?

Beautifully, fluidly expressive like a tango or a ballet


He filled in the missing pieces and he grew stronger

While she began to lose more hearing every day

As her circle narrowed down to mostly ASL communicators

Her contentment was withering away


He never had good hearing

His brother heard voices that weren’t there

A sister whose singing ambitions were challenged

Misguided parents and family strangely show how they care


A frustrated intelligent family

Full of interesting drama and wit

This story could have been about mental health and the brother

Or any one of a mortal’s many challenges to be healthy and fit


Once Billy let go of his judgment of what was

About interpersonal relationships and of push and shove

And was able to express his genuine feelings in a cultured fashion

Tribes shows in the end what can help us triumph in life sometimes is love


His lessons learned could be transposed to many other challenges in life

Many of us feel alone with our cross to bear, we sometimes assume

Then we might discover, like Billy, we can manage them in a different way

I’d suggest you book your tickets and see Tribes soon


Ends December 20, 2015


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