coldplay a head full of dreamsChris Martin seems to be a happier guy though fans of the band probably aren’t as he has been quoted as saying this is probably the band’s last album. As opposed to their last album which was fairly morose, A Head Full of Dreams is filled with positive lyrics and dance music influenced beats. Not your usual Coldplay fare, so if you are a longtime fan then you have some adjusting to do. Plenty of urban sounding stuff has creeped into their brand of pop music. The first single “Adventure of a Lifetime” is like nothing else the band has recorded before. It is almost disco-ish. Then on “Hymn for the Weekend” they go for a little bit of hip hop with Beyoncé making an appearance. Even the ballads or slower songs have taken on an almost R&B sound. It is weird timing to be still searching for who they are. I won’t even comment on the appearance of President Obama on the instrumental track “Kaleidoscope”. Plus, can someone tell me what is up with the sound quality? Especially if you listen to the album through headphones. It is quite poor for a band that has sold millions of albums. At the end of the day, it is an album that I really don’t know what to make of.