Toruk: The First Flight – Takes off at the Bell Centre

toruk preview2Based on the film Avatar by James Cameron, Cirque du Soleil has created Toruk: The First Flight brings to life that world before your eyes in a way you would not have thought possible.  Basically it is the story of what happened before the film and this world of Pandora made contact with humans.


The main character of the show is Toruk and is portrayed by a puppet. The Na’vi believe that the past and the present are connected.  This, along with the idea of destiny, are themes running throughout this production.  The story is told by the Storyteller and follows three young adults – Ralu, Entu and Tsyal – and the first flight of the Toruk.


Like most Cirque du Soleil shows this one has a strong visual side to it.  With the huge screens involved in the show the audience members really become submersed into the world created.


Additional Information:

-Dates:  December 21 – January 3, 2015

-Venue:  Bell Centre


-Ticket Purchase:

-Ticket Prices:  $62.25, $73.25, $84.25, $100.25, $102.25, $120.25, $122.25, $144.25, $146.25, $176.25 (plus handling charges)

-Show Times:  1:30, 4:00, 5:00, 7:30

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