Add this to the lengthy list of films or television series that deal with apocalyptic type existences for humans. This one, however, does not involve zombies or aliens. Rather there is a little bit of a religious tone to it. God has disappeared and that is the jumping off point for Dominion. Don’t make the mistake and think that this is a Christian belief tale as it is not. It is about humans trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic environment.


Dominion continues on in season two with the story of the remaining humans battling it out with the Archangel Gabriel (played by Carl Beukes) and the army he has assembled. Humans have been caught in the middle of an extermination war between Gabriel and the Archangel Michael (played by Tom Wisdom). Those that survived that are gathered in barricaded in enclaves with Michael trying to protect them as best as he can. All who remain are waiting for the Chosen One or the savior of all to be revealed.


dominion season twoGabriel and his army are plotting another attack against the survivors. The Chosen One has been revealed and goes by the name of Alex Lannen (played by Christopher Egan). He is trying as quickly as possible to figure out what all the tattoos on his body mean and if they can help save the human race.


Season Two moves outside of the enclave of Vega (Las Vegas) to other pockets of survivors. The seemingly peaceful place of Mallory in Alabama and an underground city called New Delphi lead by a man called Julian (played by Simon Merrells).


This is survival of the fittest and is dark and gritty. A whole new existence and the show pulls you in to it.


Special Features:

-Digital Copy

-Deleted Scenes

-“Bewilderment of the Heart” Director’s Extended Cut