foo fighters saint ceciliaSaint Cecilia, getting its title because it was recorded in the Saint Cecilia Hotel, is a short but sweet EP from the Foo Fighters that reminds us that they are a band that rocks it hard. All of the songs except for the ballad “Iron Rooster” rock hard. It is fantastic. Over the eleven days this was recorded and the self-imposed time restraint does not hamper their music making abilities at all. In fact, the five songs here are some of the best they have ever done. Classic rock is featured on the title track. Then “Sean” reminds us of what the band did in the nineties. Motorhead is jealous that they did not record “Savior Breath” with all its body-assaulting guitars. “Neverending Sighs” reminds us of the best of what grunge brought to music fans. Adrenaline is created by all of this and all the best elements of the band are found on these five tracks. Blood, sweat and tears coat each of the songs. Making all of this that much more brilliant is the fact that they dedicated Saint Cecilia to the victims of the Paris attacks. Putting their money where their hearts are the band released this for free advising their fans that got the album to donate money to the victims.