Defiance: Season Three – Blu-ray Edition

defiance season threeA sci-fi series that is packed with interesting creatures/characters and plenty of action, Defiance is another in a long line of views on a post-apocalyptic existence on Earth. This one involves an Earth of the future that has undergone several invasions by alien species. Another look at how humans would survive.

It is 2047 and things on Earth on much different than they are today. People of today would barely recognize what it looks like. In the year 2017 aliens began invading Earth and now it is a rather desolate place. For instance, the American city of St. Louis is now called Defiance. It is one of the rare cities in which aliens and humans live together in harmony…for the most part.

This season the struggle for everyone continues. Two Omec arrive on Earth. Once in Defiance they begin mining gulanite from the city’s mines. This frees Nolan (played by Grant Bowler) and Irisa (played by Stephanie Leonidas). The city is left defenseless as it is without power and as a result the Stasis Net is inoperable.

New aliens and villains are introduced in season three to keep things interesting and fresh. Don’t become too attached to characters as you should expect the unexpected.

Special Features:
-Digital Copy
-Deleted Scenes

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