house of anubis season 1If you have young people in your house then you are familiar with Nickelodeon programming. They have something for all ages of youngsters. House of Anubis is part of that station’s roster and is aimed at 9-14 year-olds. It concerns itself with the lives of a group of English friends who attend a boarding school and live together in Anubis House.

American teen Nina (played by Nathalia Ramos) is sent to a British boarding school. She gets off to a bad start being somewhat of an outsider. Things get even more muddled when a student seems to have disappeared and her best friend Patricia (played by Jade Ramsey) believes that Nina as something to do with it. Nina bands together with a group of students and they decide to investigate. They call themselves Sibuna (Anubis backswards).

Fans of the series which only ran for three seasons have been waiting a few years for this series to begin being released. It finally has been but it is a little disappointing that there are no special features.

Don’t be discouraged by the fact that this is a series meant primarily for pre-teens as most ages will be drawn in and wanting to find out what happens next. It is a quick watch clocking in at just over twenty minutes, so you’ll find your youngsters (and probably you along with them) binge watching. Lots of creepy older characters, references to Egypt and it stays away from any subjects parents are not fond of like drugs, alcohol and sex.