Cage the Elephant – Tell Me I’m Pretty

cage the elephant tell me im prettyKentucky band Cage the Elephant perfect a mix of modern rock and a retro Sixties sound for their fourth studio album. When you look closely at things it becomes apparent why. They have brought on Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys as the producer. The result is a swirling melange of psychedelic, garage rock and bubble gum songs. It all seems rather incongruous, but it does work. Mostly because of the enthusiasm and energy they instill even the most laid back song with. “Dream” is all dreamy and folky though to push it from average to strong is all the punch involved. Another superior song is “Trouble”. A genuinely good rock song that is not stuck in the past or trying to simply recreate it. Cage the Elephant is just trying to do rock that fits in with today’s messed up world. Though you will find parts that sound like the Beatles, the Yarbirds and the Hollies while sounding like more modern bands like The White Stripes.

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