modern family the complete third seasonWhen the mockumentary Modern Family began about eight years ago it took television by storm. It helped to fill the void of the half hour comedy. It has gone on to win numerous Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Comedy Series, as a favourite of television watchers and critics alike. The concept is quite simple (a family comedy) whereas the laughs can be quite complex.


There is never a dull moment around the extended Pritchett/Dunphy family. The way they handle the kind of issues that come up in any family is what separates them. They are all silly at times and always entertaining. This season the three generations of the family deal with family vacations, holiday hustle and bustle, nosy in-laws, and some surprising secrets. It is a laugh a minute with all the characters being different yet hilarious in their own way. Even the dog Stella is funny.


All the issues raised in this series are highly relatable. Still the writers and actors manage to make the everyday anything but mundane. Most of the credit goes to the dialogue which is always spot-on and often witty. Also, each character serves a purpose. You will have a different favourite character every few episodes or so; it is hard to pick just one.


Highlights the joys of family. There are very few episodes in which you will not be smiling from ear-to-ear at the end.


Special Features:

-Deleted and Alternate Scenes

-Destination: Wyoming

-A Day on the Set With Ty

-Adventures of the Modern Family Kids

-A Modern Family Christmas

-Driving Lessons

-Ed O’Neill Gets a Star

-Modern Family Goes to Disneyland Resort

-Gag Reel