True Detective: The Complete Second Season – Blu-ray Edition

Hard to follow up a hit. The second season of the HBO television show True Detective is proof of that. Sometimes even no matter what the quality of season two is. Season one starred Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson and got rave reviews and plenty of viewers. Lots to live up to.


Recently suspended California highway patrol officer Paul Woodraugh (played by Taylor Kitsch) stumbles upon the body of a murder victim one evening. It is obvious that the victim has been ritualistically mutilated. This begins an investigation which involves three different law enforcement officers from different cities. Each of them has tons of baggage of a personal and professional nature. Detective Ani Bezzerides (played by Rachel McAdams) leads the investigation with Woodraugh and Detective Ray Velcoro (played by Colin Farrell) rounding out the team. On the outside looking in, due to his connection to the murder victim and Ray, is a former gangster who is trying to go legit – Frank Semyon (played by Vince Vaughn).


Once the investigation begins the three begin to quickly realize there is more to this than they could have ever imagined. It is a dangerous case that involves people in high up places who are willing to protect themselves by any means possible. Conspiracy and betrayal abounds.


true detective the complete second seasonThe buzz around this series was all about how awful it was.  I only partially agree with that. Yes, it is very different from the first season, but the second part of the season (especially the last two episodes) is quite riveting.


Over the first four to five episodes the series makes no sense. Nothing seems to be going anywhere and it is hard to follow due to all the murkiness. Then all of a sudden it kicks into gear and you have to hold on to keep up. It is like the writers pulled on one loose thread and the whole thing becomes unraveled. It is a rather intricate story in which you have to pay close attention to everyone and everything as nothing in it just happens or is random. Agreed it is slow in parts and the story complex, but the payoff is worth it.


This is a side of Los Angeles you rarely get to see in film or on television.


Special Features:

-Audio Commentary

-Making “The Vinci Massacre”

-A Look Inside True Detective

-True Detective’s California


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