Spoon – Gimme Fiction (Deluxe Reissue)

spoon gimme fictionOriginally released in 2005 the band which hails from Austin first reached Billboard’s Top 200 Album chart with Gimme Fiction. It was their fifth album and was a sign of the good things to come from the band. With that kind of success comes a certain amount of pressure and the key songwriter for the band, Britt Daniel, succumbed to it.  To get himself through it he did what he knew – Britt Daniel wrote songs. They are what make up the demos on this reissue of the album. To say that the sound of these songs are stark or spare would be an understatement because the tracks that make up the “main” album already have a pared back tone to them. This goes a couple of steps further. What hits you right away is how Britt Daniel knows how to write songs and then arrange them so it serves his voice. Though you hear hints of plenty of other acts like The Kinks, Prince, Mick Jagger, and even David Bowie they are still doing their own thing on tracks like “I Turn My Camera On”, “Sister Jack” and “They Never Got You”. Confident rock music is the result. Lots of lo-fi rock tracks and slow burners. It is album that builds upon what they previously did and shows they ain’t near done yet.

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