Are We There Yet? – Blu-ray Edition

are we there yet blu rayEvery time a film comes out starring a rapper turned actor I find myself rolling my eyes. I have had to correct myself several times as LL Cool J and Ludacris have demonstrated themselves able actors. Even 50 Cent did a decent job in his film. Well, we most certainly have to add Ice Cube to that list. He has been in some dogs, but they most certainly did not fail because of him or his acting. With this family film he even demonstrates an aptitude at comedy. Folks, I think he even has a range!

Seriously though, this family film was a surprise hit during 2005. So much so that they did a sequel. Which did not do as well as the first, but that is not surprising. “Are We There Yet” is the type of comedy that relies on sight gags and physical comedy. It is funny the first time but tends to wear on your nerves after that. The bottom line as to why this film was funny is the fact that Ice Cube, despite his whole tough rapper image, allowed himself to be made a fool of plenty of times in the film. I do not know how director Brian Levant (Snow Dogs, Beethovan) convinced him to do half of what he does but it certainly worked. Seeing Ice Cube being attacked by a dear, locked out of his beloved SUV and peed on is something. It is a film that you can watch with your kids and they will eat it up with a spoon due to all the crazy physical humour. Kids love watching kids get the best of adults and the two brats in this film certainly do that. It is not a film that really tries to teach the kids a life lesson or really anything for that matter. It is there purely to entertain them and make them laugh. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Nick (Ice Cube – Boyz in Da Hood, Are We Done Yet?) is a bachelor who likes his things just so. He owns a sport memorabilia shop in which he does not like kids to enter and he is so proud of his new SUV that he polishes it constantly. He is not a man who is ready for children.

This all changes when he meets single mom, Suzanne Kingston (Nia Long – Premonition, Big Momma’s House). Nick is very interested but a little discouraged when he meets her two children, Lindsey (Aleisha Allen – The School of Rock, The Best Man) and Kevin (Philip Bolden – How to Eat Fried Worms, Little Nicky). He is able to successfully maintain his distance from the kids while becoming their mommy’s ‘friend’, but that all changes when he offers to take them to Vancouver to meet up with Suzanne. After not being able to fly or take the train, Nick decides to take them to Vancouver in his beloved SUV. This is probably the worst decision of his life. And what ensues is the most painful road trip he’s ever been on.

Special Features:

-Road Trippin’ – The Making of Are We There Yet?
-A Tour of Nick’s Fine Sport Collectibles
-Deleted scene
-Storyboard comparisons

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