We Are Ardent – Bright Shadows From Dark Lights

we are ardent bright shadows from dark lightsThough this band from Southern Ontario, comprised of brothers Josh (guitar) and Justin Brazeau (drums), Kat Kerley (vocals) and Matt Dalton (bass and guitar), has been classified as an alternative rock outfit they really aren’t simple to classify. One moment they can sound akin to Nineties grunge rock while the next they are slipping in some South African beats. Hard to put your finger on and that is what keeps things interesting. The EP opener, clocking at just over four minutes, is a traditional sounding alt rock track called “Low”. It goes along with the overriding theme of the EP of darkness existing within light…or vice versa. This dark and light is further emphasized by the alternating male (Josh)/female (Kat) vocals. Josh’s being gruff (dark) whereas Kat’s is smooth (light). If you listen closely to the lyrics, especially those on the track “Vultures”, you can see that it is not a grim album, rather it preaches light at the end of the tunnel of life’s problem. Hopeful and positive. You will be thinking of Nirvana when you listen to the song “Nameless” with all its rough around the edges instrumentation. The strength of this band is that though they are influenced heavily by well-known and sometimes well-worn genres that they bring life to things by adding some unique twists.

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