hinds leave me aloneMade up of four young females Hinds (which means female deer) is not your typical band. In many ways. First they make straight up garage rock and second they are from Madrid, Spain. And of course, there is the whole girl band thing. All this makes them stick out from the crowd. Their songs are all centered around the guitars and the lyrics. The words to their songs are typical rock ‘n roll in that they are tough, fun and poetic at the same time. The twelve tracks on the album largely explore the issue of young love in all its permutations. While it is somewhat light there are some deep moments to be found. A natural as the members of the band get older and gain experience in love and songwriting. They are more willing to show their vulnerable side and awakening to the fact that life can be a breath-taking wonder. As for the guitar play it is all crunchy and compiled of fun riff after even more fun riff. For a great example of this check out the track “Castigadas En El Granero” which comes at you rapid fire. It is all done with a kind of warm and fuzzy sound that makes one think of bands that have come out of California. Showing their confidence mid album they even break out an instrumental track, “Solar Gap”. It is one of the rare quieter moments on an album that is filled with youthful energy and plenty of pleasant pop moments.