LeCHOP: Three-Course Dinners for Less

le chop 20162Right after the holiday season the restaurant business goes through a lull here in Montreal.  Victimized by people trying to cut back after a period of overindulgence in regards to eating and spending money, they came up with idea of offering people three-course dinners at great restaurants for much less than it would normally cost. Basically it is Montreal’s version of a restaurant week.


Dreamed up by Antonpoulos Group, LeCHOP began in 2013 and included a handful of restaurants owned by Ville-Marie Collection and located either in the downtown core or in the Old Port area.  It continues in 2016 with set table d’hôte menus at four different restaurants – L’Atelier d’Argentine, Decca77, Newtown, and Wienstein & Gavino’s.  The four chefs involved are some of the best in town – Natalie Machado (L’Atelier d’Argentine), Paulo Fraga (Wienstein & Gavino’s), Jean-Sébastien Giguère (Decca77), and Giuseppe Sacchetti (Newtown).


Each of the six weeks of LeCHOP will involve the chef’s coming up with their own unique take on a new limited edition dish based on one main ingredient.  For instance, this week’s ingredient is scallops.  The three course menu will only cost $25.


Additional Information:

-Dates:  January 4 – February 11, 2016

-Locations:  Decca77 (1077 Drummond), L’Atelier D’Argentine (1458 Crescent or 355 Marguerite D’Youville), Newtown (1476 Crescent), Wienstein & Gavino’s (1434 Crescent)

-Website:  www.villemariecollection.com

-Price:  $25.00 (plus tax and tip)


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