Ride Along 2

ride along 2My mom has always said that if you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all. That is great advice in almost all instances except when you have to write a review about a film with not much good going on. The film is Ride Along 2 and I think the world would have been okay if they had just left it at Ride Along, meaning there was no need for a second. Especially when it seems like they had very few original ideas. Ride Along was your prototypical anti-buddy film. With Ride Along 2 that formula has run very thin.


Now, both Ice Cube and Kevin Hart are talented guys (in different ways). Under the right circumstances they can bring something to the table in regards to the films they star in. Ice Cube has surly down pat and Kevin Hart brings a frenetic energy to whatever he is in. So they have all that you need for an opposites type of comedy. This film continues along the worn down road of two cops working together who are complete polar opposites. The supporting cast is made up of Olivia Munn, Ken Jeong and Benjamin Bratt. At first glance you would think there is enough talent there to make a fairly decent comedy. That would be where you were wrong.


Actually, this groaner of a film cannot be blamed on the actors as they do a fairly alright job. Though Bratt does overdo it a bit in his role as a Miami drug mastermind. All around them onscreen are tired and overdone comedy tricks. It really is the script that is at fault here. They seem to be so devoid of fresh ideas that they even reuse some of the gags from the first film. Sigh!


What were surprisingly good were the action sequences. There is a car chase scene right at the beginning of the film and a couple of cool shootouts. It just makes you wonder what could have been if the same type of attention and originality had have gone into the entire film.


This is a totally paint by numbers film that despite Hart and Ice Cube’s best efforts ends up being a less that satisfying diversion.

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