And then there were none… The SyFy series Continuum has come to the end of its road. Season four is its last hurrah. Enjoy it to the last drop.


At the end of season three the Future Soldiers arrived in a flash of light and their arrival led to a battle with the mysterious time traveler Brad Tonkin (played by Ryan Robbins) and Kiera Cameron (played by Rachel Nichols). The last thing that Kiera needed was another battle because she already had her hands full going up against Kellog (played by Stephen Lobo) and even Carlos (played by Victor Webster) and Alec (played by Erik Knudsen), as he is not thrilled with her alliance with the members of Liber8. Kellog is doing all he can to become the next ruler. Busy times for a lady who is just hoping to reunite with her family.


continuum the final seasonProbably because of its cancellation there is only half the usual amount of episodes in this season. Things happen quickly. Though the time-travel series has always managed to keep this concept, which can become hard to follow rather quickly, rather easy to follow. That is achieved without dumbing things down.


Despite the small amount of time they have to tie up the story it is accomplished leaving fans of the series satisfied. The critics have always liked this solid Sci-fi series, so it is a shame that it could not get the number of viewers needed to keep it on air.


Special Features:

“Lost Hours” commentary with Creator Simon Barry and Director/Executive Producer Pat Williams

Continuum: Behind the Scenes

“Final Hour” Commentary with Creator Simon Barry and Director/Executive Producer Pat Williams