Hank Williams Jr. – It’s About Time

hank williams jr its about timeMost of the time I can keep my political views separate from the music I listen to. I can ignore the misogyny and violence in rap music and the times when right wing views creep into country music. However, I have to draw the line when it comes to the latest album release by Hank Williams Jr. He is in his mid-sixties and is not easing up when it comes to pushing for guns and his right wing political views. It makes it rather hard to appreciate the music if you don’t share his beliefs. Hard because much of the lyrical content is rather rabble-rousing in nature. He has always been labeled an outlaw but instead of being someone who fights for the downtrodden he has become someone who seems to be advocating dangerous behaviour. It is a shame because the musicianship on the album is through the roof with his band being great and it featuring some great guest appearances by the likes of Eric Church. His voice is also as sharp as it has ever been.

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