sia this is actingYou would think that if artists turn down songs then that they usually end up in the rubbish heap. Especially if those songs were meant for music heavyweights like Adele and Rihanna. That is actually not the case when those songs were written by Sia. Her seventh album release is filled with songs that high profile music acts turned down for one reason or another. Aussie Sia has in recent years become a behind the scenes powerhouse in the music industry as she has written huge hit songs for Rihanna and Beyoncé. Unlike most big music songwriters like Diane Warren or Max Martin she has also managed to forge a successful career of her own. This is Acting again demonstrates that her songwriting well is no way near empty even after her frequent collaborations with other artists. Though Sia brings plenty to each track on the very Eighties influenced album you can also hear other artists behind many of them like that the first two, “Bird Set Free” and “Alive”, were meant for Adele. Or that a pop princess like Ariana Grande could have easily brought some life to “Cheap Thrills”. Sia manages to bring her own thing to each song whether they are a piano ballad or party song. She definitely manages to demonstrate her flexibility.