Rick Ross – Black Market

rick ross black marketBlack Market is the eighth album for the “gangster boss” of rap music. Rick Ross has had a checkered past (legally and otherwise) and yet he keeps turning back to music to help get him through the tough times. Once again during the summer of 2015 he spent time in prison and it seems like he might have used that time to write music. Along with plenty of reflection about the direction of his life. I deduct that due to the introspective nature of the lyrics of most of the tracks. He raps about his daughter, having his heart broken and his mother. Though there is still the usual preoccupation with money now even that seems to be tempered. Maybe this guy is finally realizing that there is more to life than amassing the Benjamins. There are even some rather clever lyrics about social problems and politics. Maybe he is finally growing up? What hasn’t changed is his influence in the music industry in that he can attract high profile guests on his album like Chris Brown, Mariah Carey (turns in a classic Mariah Carey vocal on the hook from the Nineties hit by Taylor Dayne, “Love Will Lead You Back”) and Cee Lo Green. An album that fans will love and proves that he can still step up his game when needed.

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