Doctor Who: Series Nine Part Two – Blu-ray Edition

doctor who series nine part twoThe great thing about this long running BBC series is that you can pick it up at any point and enjoy the ride. It is a sci-fi series for those out there who would not normally consider themselves fans of the genre. It is rather sci-fi light.


For a little background for those not familiar, Doctor Who is series about time traveling humanoid alien called Doctor (played by Peter Capaldi) who spends his time exploring the universe in a time traveling machine called TARDIS. At different points of its existence Doctor has had several traveling companions who tag along on his quest to right wrongs and, in the most extreme of cases, saving civilization.


The six episodes in this collection involve plenty of varied action. It is also a season in which there is plenty of experimentation. Several long story acts happen in this the second part of the season with stories lasting sometimes a couple of episodes.


Capaldi is fantastic in the lead role and really has plenty of opportunity, especially in the episode called Heaven Sent, to demonstrate his range and that he is a Shakespearean actor.


Special Features:

-“Doctor Who Extras (Behind the Scenes)”

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