earths natural wondersIt seems like BBC/PBS have singlehandedly tried to educate people about the wonders of this planet we inhabit. With plenty of nature specials produced by BBC and aired on both stations this is another one to add to that plentiful and high quality stable.


Earth’s Natural Wonders, as the title would lead one to believe, examines many of the unique and interesting environments to be found on Earth. It goes deeper and also looks at the effect these environments have on the humans living there.


This “trip” takes the viewer from the heights of Mount Everest’s Khumbu Icefall to the length of the Amazon River and then on to the vastness of the Grand Canyon. All told you get to travel within six continents. With each environment they look at they educate you in a simple to follow and interesting way about how each came to be as they are. An interesting facet of this is listening to all the different tests that the inhabitants of the area face. Many those on the outside would have never thought of.


As has come to be the norm the cinematography for this is out of this world. Colours are vibrant and the picture clarity is high. Almost makes you feel like you are right there.