Megadeath – Dystopia

megadeathIn this time of geopolitical instability and the world looking at the United States in their run up to the next Presidential election this planet that we humans inhabit has become a place filled with conspiracy theories and general worry. Seizing the moment is Megadeath. Their latest album, the metal band’s fifteenth in their long career, is brimming with conspiracy theories, statements about the Western world being a messed up place and warnings about the future. “Lying in State” features plenty of scathing lyrics. Matching the mood setting lyrics is singer Dave Mustaine’s scornful voice. Thankfully amidst all this doom and gloom are some light moments or the album would almost be too much to take lyrically. Another plus is that Mustaine has surrounded himself with Grade A musicians. Megadeath’s line-up has changed numerous times over the years with some being more capable than others. This one is a winner with guitarist Kiko Loureiro being the best of the bunch. His licks and solos are more than solid throughout the album. Another strong addition is Lamb of God’s drummer Chris Adler. Listening to Dystopia will bring long-time fans back to the early years of the band. “The Threat is Real” is a blistering track that will remind fans that despite a misstep with their previous release, that the band still is a relevant act. This new blood along with the present political climate has furnished the environment that proves that this veteran thrash metal band still has some life in it and something to contribute to music.

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