Da Vinci’s Demons: The Complete Third Season – Blu-ray Edition

A television series that tells the tale of the life of an inventor does not exactly sound like riveting viewing. But when that inventor is Leonardo Da Vinci that ups the interest level. If you are to believe this depiction of his life then it was filled with sex, violence, treachery, bad language and plenty of creative genius. It makes for an interesting watch but I don’t think it was meant to be historically accurate.


This is the final season of the Starz series and so they have to wrap things up. The inventor’s life is thrown into complete chaos after the invasion by the Ottoman Empire. Leonardo Da Vinci lives in the city of Otranto and is knocked for a loop when he realizes that the Turks are using his own inventions as weapons during the invasion. The plans for these inventions were stolen from him by someone he had trusted. Double whammy! Many are killed in the ensuing battle scarring Da Vinci emotionally.


When the Romans decide to attack the Turks, Da Vinci sees it as an opportunity and joins in. A big spoke is put in his wheels when a series of murders happen that complicate things and jeopardize the crusades themselves.


davincis demons season threeAs previously stated, if you are looking for an historical experience then look elsewhere. This is more soap opera-y than that with all the sex, murder, betrayal, war, religion, politics and other sorts of drama. The adherence to history is very loose to say the least. You have to be willing to let that side of the story go and just barrel on ahead into the drama.


In season three Da Vinci is one part action hero and one part romantic lead. As a warning, things get a little overwhelming in season three as a lot of storylines and characters are jammed in. Sometimes it all gets rather confusing.


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