Don’t be fooled by the title. Though this is called a Batman movie he is MIA for most of it. That being said it is quite cool to have some new characters come to the forefront in this longtime DC Comics story. Some fans might be disappointed that their favourite caped superhero does not have a starring role in this film but give it a chance and you’ll see that a world in which others get their turn in the spotlight is not such a bad thing.


All the important elements – story, voice work and visuals – are strong here. Director Jay Oliva (Batman vs. Robin, Justice League: War) keeps things moving at a good clip and despite not having Batman to rely on manages to keep things working. Mostly because of the high pace and excellent action sequences. The capable story is conveyed well by all the artists involved. Everything, including the characters special outfits, is drawn well allowing you to disappear into what is happening on the screen. Though I prefer Kevin Conroy as Batman, Jason O’Mara does a good job. The real star is Yvonne Strahovski’s of Dexter and Chuck fame turn as Batwoman/Katherine Kane.


batman bad bloodBatwoman (voiced by Yvonne Strahovski) is going head to head against a variety of baddies. Batman (voiced by Jason O’Mara) suddenly arrives to help her out and at the same time to also admonish her for using a gun. Suddenly that conversation is interrupted when a huge explosion occurs. In the explosion Batman seems to have died.


With Batman gone Gotham reverts back to a city of crime and chaos. Alfred (voiced by James Garrett), who believes Batman just missing and not deceased, calls Nightwing (voiced by Sean Maher) and Damian (voiced by Stuart Allan) to help find him. Nightwing now becomes the big fish in this particular pond with his mentor missing. While he and Bruce Wayne’s son Damian search for Batman, Nightwing also has to try and keep his fellow crimefighters focused on bringing down the bad guys.




Special Features:

From the DC Comics Vault:

-Batman: The Brave and the Bold: The Knights of Tomorrow (1080p; 23:07)

-Batman: The Brave and the Bold: The Criss Cross Conspiracy (1080p; 22:49)

Putting the Fight in Gotham (1080p; 26:26) Interviews with different animators and crew who discuss their animation techniques during action sequences.


Expanding the Batman Family (1080p; 13:46) Interviews involving those who bring the numerous characters of the film to life.


A Sneak Peek at DC Universe’s Next Animated Movie: Justice League vs. Teen Titans (1080p; 11:31)

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