Lego Friends: Girlz 4 Life – Blu-ray/DVD Combo Edition

lego friends girlz 4 lifeFor those out there with young girls at home then this qualifies as an hour’s worth of relief for you. And not much else. Girlz 4 Life is not horrible there just isn’t much there that you as a parent have not seen a million times.


A group of five friends have formed a band and have written a destined for the top of the charts song called “Girlz”. It seems like they are going to become stars sometime in the near future. Things change drastically when a singing superstar named Livi enters the picture. She wants the song and her manager, who has no morals, ends up getting his hands on it. Now the gang of friends song has been stolen and someone else is getting credit for it.


It is probably the same with movies aimed at young boys but it is really frustrating how similar everything targeted at young girls is. It is always something concerning a group learning how to work together to overcome some obstacle or another. Thrown in a couple of passable musical moments and lessons about friendship, honor and other virtues et voila.


Special Features:

Karaoke (1080p; 3:34)


Dance Routine Performed by L2M (1080p; 3:33)


Extra Scenes (1080p; 4:13)


Official Music Video “Girlz” Performed by L2M (1080p; 3:33)


Dance Lessons Performed by L2M (1080p; 10:48)


Digital Copy

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