Falling Skies: The Complete Fifth Season – Blu-ray Edition

Season five begins with a bang. Earth is once again being overrun by all kinds of beasts and mutants. The power core of the Espheni has been destroyed. This leads to humans being able to fight the way they want to. Tom (played by Noah Wylie) and the remaining members of the 2nd Mass have undergone years of violence, torture and uncertainty so they are now ready and willing to wipe their enemies off the face of the Earth.


falling skies the complete fifth seasonThis is it – the last season of this television series. Though it features the über popular post- apocalyptic storyline (this time it is about Earth being invaded by aliens) it is a little different in several ways. One, is that it obviously does not have tons of money behind it so the special effects or CGI are not the best. Second, is that it tries to blend actual history into its story. For instance, many aspects of wars that the United States has been involved in can be found.  Third, is that after season three it changed a lot because they obviously knew they were living on borrowed time (as ratings were never high), so they changed course in order to wrap things up in season five.


Season Five is definitely the weakest of the bunch. In a weird way they tried to sum up the entire ending of the show in the last minute. Felt odd and rushed.


Special Features:

-Farewell to the Skies

-2015 WonderCon Panel with Cast

-A Look Back

-Digital Copy

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