Falling Skies: The Complete Series – Blu-ray/DVD Combo Edition

falling skies the complete seriesIf you are not familiar with this series maybe you aren’t a sci-fi fan. That is too bad because this series starring the familiar face of Noah Wyle of ER fame will have most on the edge of their seats.

It is an apocalypse style story with an alien angle thrown in for good measure. An alien attack has left the planet and its inhabitants in a precarious state. Six months after the initial attack some of the survivors have gathered together around Earth’s major cities and have begun to fight back. Each day is a test of survival for these brave few who have decided to protect their fellow human survivors. The show is a winner as it has good stories and strong acting.

Though it features the über popular post-apocalyptic storyline (this time it is about Earth being invaded by aliens) it is a little different in several ways. One, is that it obviously does not have tons of money behind it so the special effects or CGI are not the best. Second, is that it tries to blend actual history into its story. For instance, many aspects of wars that the United States has been involved in can be found.  Third, is that after season three it changed a lot because they obviously knew they were living on borrowed time (as ratings were never high), so they changed course in order to wrap things up in season five.

Special Features: The box set will package hours of bonus content including behind-the-scenes features, commentaries, character interviews and “Inside the Episodes,” plus WonderCon and Comic-Con 2014 panel features.

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