Charlie Puth – Nine Track Mind

charlie puth nine track mindA cross-genre of R&B and pop doesn’t usually separate you from the crowd but Charlie Puth does manage to do it different. Most of his unique sound comes from his voice. It is quite distinctive like a Sam Smith or Bruno Mars that when you hear a Charlie Puth song you recognize it immediately. He also knows how to make it the focal point of the song by using an almost showtune style. In most instances it is strong and soulful. The first single off the album was a duet with another hot young singer, Meaghan Trainor, on the track “Marvin Gaye”. It is a sexy little ditty. There is another duet this time with Selena Gomez on “We Don’t Talk Anymore”. He really is trying to hit the market as a ladies guy with a romantic side. The latest single “One Call Away” is another very radio friendly track. If he stays on this track he will have a long and successful career.

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