The Leftovers: The Complete Second Season – Blu-ray Edition

Damon Lindelof was one of the minds behind the television series Lost. Lost had its own particular method of storytelling which was easily identifiable. Now, Lindelof has moved on to The Leftovers but his signature style is still there. The two series, while different, have similar feels to them.


The Leftovers is based upon the novel by Tom Perrotta’s novel of the same title. It involves Earth and human kind after an event called The Sudden Departure affects many. The Sudden Departure refers to a mysterious and unexplained disappearance of a number of humans.  Two percent of the total population is gone. Everywhere has been affected except for a small town in Eastern Texas. Millions are gone and those left behind are trying to figure out the when, why and how. Life has continued after some memorials have taken place.


the leftover the complete second seasonWith its rather slow pace The Leftovers tells the tale of a disappearance of a small portion of humans but enough for those they were close to wanting some answers. Behind the entire story there is a large psychological and philosophical component. Those left behind deal with feelings of guilt and a struggle for the reason behind the globe’s biggest mystery.


Season two continues on with the same level of excellence as the first. Some new characters are introduced into the already aromatic stew. Over the course of the ten episode season the story and characters remain complex and things unravel slowly. Though it doesn’t deviate much from its core ideals there are some surprises to be found.


Highly relatable but also strange. All elements such as script, direction, cinematography and acting are all top notch. One of the best things on television today.


Special Features:

-Digital Copy

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