john cale music for a new societyFor one of the rare times in his career John Cale did this one alone. Originally released in 1982, Music for a New Society has to it a tone which is ripe with loneliness. It is visceral; you feel it while listening to the different tracks. Topics covered include death, depression, suicide, insanity, humiliation and emotional darkness. Not exactly lift your spirits up stuff. The depression of the lyrics is amplified by the music that surrounds it. At one point on “I Keep a Close Watch” you even can hear a person sobbing in the background. Everything is thought of to create a very dark mood. Basically this is a great piece of work but certainly not an easy listen. A brave creation as it most certainly was not produced to be a commercial success. Many will not be able to sift through all the darkness or even want to. It will demand much of you. Some songs like “Sanities” might even cause shivers and cold sweats. Even in this reworked and remastered version of the album it retains that feeling. Many of refreshing/updating touches are of the electronic or technological variety.