Elliott Smith – Heaven Adores You – Soundtrack

elliott smith heaven adores youElliott Smith is like Jeff Buckley or Phish or Grateful Dead in that he inspired a rather fervent fanbase while flying largely under the commercial success radar. Now that he is gone fans cling to the hope that there is a large amount of “lost” material that will be released so as to quench their undying thirst for music from the man. I’m not sure there is a lot of undiscovered or unreleased material, but for now there is the music he had in his archives that was included in the documentary about his life called Heaven Adores You released in 2015. The twenty tracks on the soundtrack are live recordings, instrumental snippets, appearances on television and incomplete songs. As such the songs do not mesh together to make one complete whole. The only thing they really have in common is that they were all used in the documentary. In other words, this is for true fans in that much more will be gained of the music here if you know about the artist or what these mostly unfinished works went on to become. For the uninitiated this is a body of music that gives you insight into what kind of songwriter he was – poetic, precise and intimate.

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