tedeschi trucks band let me get byThe South of the United States has had a long history of great guitar based jam bands. For a long time the Allman Brothers fit that bill and were the kings of that mountain since the Seventies and now Tedeschi Trucks Band seem ready to take over that crown. For the number one reason that they have their own guitar wizard in Derek Trucks. He can do just about anything with the instrument. For the best example of the full breadth of his talent tune into the eight minute opus that is “Cryin’ Over You”.  It is a soulful song that truly hums along on the back of Derek Trucks’ largely slide guitar playing. On top of that way above average guitar playing what makes Tedeschi Trucks Band different from the rest is their great horn section. It brings a heavy dose of funk and a New Orleans sound to the whole mix. On top of that there is the always interesting dynamic of the male/female lead vocals with Susan Tedeschi and Mike Mattison. The result is a smorgasbord soundwise making the band difficult to pigeonhole, which in most music fans’ minds is a good thing. What is evident with this album as has been the case for most of their music is that though it is good on the album it is music that begs to be played live. It allows you to really absorb what this eleven piece band is serving up to you. Strong examples of what Tedeschi Trucks Band is all about can be found on the tracks “Don’t Know What It Means”, “Anyhow” and title track “Let Me Get By”.