Nickelodeon Jr. is a godsend for parents. They help keep kids out of parents’ hair for an hour or two or more. Just when you think you are running out of series to plop them down in front of they seem to come out with something new. This time it is an animated series called Shimmer and Shine about twin genies-in-training. As you might expect it is very colourful and filled to the brim with fun adventures.


shimmer and shineThe DVD includes seven episodes (Genie Treehouse, Ahoy, Genies!, The Sweetest Thing, Lights! Camera! Genies!, What a Pig Mess, Abraca-genie, Dino-Might!) each more fun than the previous one. Shimmer and Shine are two sisters who are under the control of a human girl named Leah. Leah and her friends seem to get in more tight spots than your average kids. Lucky for them they have two genies to get them out of trouble using their magic.  Each day they grant Leah three wishes and let me tell you, she needs all of them. Sometimes, though, their magic makes things more challenging than they were before.


While having fun watching Shimmer and Shine young people also get to absorb some lessons about teamwork and problem solving. Nothing is boring and as such kids are more likely to learn. Parents will be thrilled as there is almost three hours of show on this one DVD and that will keep kids interested and occupied.