Vince Gill – Down to My Last Bad Habit

vince gill down to my last bad habitHe is a man of experience. Within the country music world Vince Gill is one of the most senior members. Basically he has seen and done everything within the genre. This time out he turns back to Eighties style country pop to make up the backbone of Down to My Last Bad Habit. He has tossed in the requisite amount of soppy ballads to make sure that everyone is aware that he is not straying from Country’s path. What often rescues the ballads from becoming too much to handle is Gill’s willingness to show his vulnerable side. Add this to his marvelous guitar work and you have above average ballads. Happiness and sadness appear at an equal amount throughout the album. Music by a mature artist who does not allow his sound or creativity to be tied down by country music radio. He is doing what pleases him and what each song calls for. An album that will appeal to older country music fans.

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