Barbie Spy Squad – Blu-ray/DVD Combo Edition

Most of the time this type of animated feature is really aimed at kids and forgets that parents most of the time will also be sitting through it. The best animated stuff keeps that in mind and makes it simple enough for kids to follow along but involved enough to keep parents awake.


Another cool facet is that long-time fans of the Barbie franchise will be happy to see that deference to the past has been made. There are several nods to Barbie of the past in Barbie Spy Squad. It is a modern film, but without forgetting what came before.


barbie spy squadThough Barbie is generally aimed at young girls because this feature involves a spy story along with plenty of inventions and cool gadgets young boys might also enjoy it.


Barbie (voiced by Erica Lindbeck) along with her BFFs Teresa (voiced by Jenny Pellicer) and Renee (voiced by Stephanie Sheh) are all accomplished gymnasts. Their skills attract the attention of a top secret spy agency. Soon they are recruited into the fold and following clues in order to catch a cat burglar, who snatches precious gems. The cat burglar has managed to evade even the most seasoned spies so far. It is up to the newbies with their high tech gadgets, top notch disguises and robo-pets to put a stop to this. Teamwork is going to be imperative if Barbie, Teresa and Renee are going to be successful.


Special Features:

-Digital Copy

-“Strength in Numbers” Music Video


-Previews of Barbie Star Light Adventure, Barbie + her Sisters in a Puppy Chase, Barbie + her Sisters in the Great Puppy Adventure, Barbie in Rock ‘n Royals, Barbie in Princess Power, Barbie and the Secret Door, The Barbie Movie Collection

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