the 1975 i like it when you sleepTreading in the path well-worn by Eighties dance rock bands like Duran Duran and INXS here comes the sophomore album by Brits, The 1975. They skillfully mine this sound from thirty or so years ago to create something very modern and unique sounding. Their lengthy titled album is a big one comprised of seventeen songs of uneven quality. Some of it indicates the heights the band is capable of while others the self-indulgence that drags them down. Frontman Matt Healy is the real thing. He keeps your attention while his voice is flexible enough to move seamlessly from the funky “Love Me” to the heartfelt ballad of “A Change of Heart” and then on to disco sound of “UGH”. What gives the entire things its glossiness are the high production values. So slick that you almost feel inside the songs as you are listening to them. Most of the songs on the album will have you singing and dancing around. These Brits are worth keeping your eyes and ears on.