Boom2You have to be there to appreciate the genius of Rick Miller in BOOM ! Thanks to the prestigious Segal Centre for giving us this special opportunity from March 20 to April 10, 2016.


This playwright, director, comedian, actor, impressionist and curious student of architecture has constructed a captivating complex presentation that links and interweaves personal, world history and today events on a hi tech set in a wondrous and fun multimedia way. History teachers could take note of how to make learning very interesting.


I have yet to see a set design that integrates multiple projection screens and a live actor to give an old fashioned sometimes black and white holographic effect …. Sounds like an oxymoron but yes, it is possible. All there were witness to it.


How many dots can be connected from past, present and future? Where`s the connection between them? Does history repeat itself? Do we eventually sometimes become our parents? Where is our sense of wonder and humour?


Rick said in an interview that his favorite character to do was Barry McGuire because he could sing as well as play harmonica and guitar. He also does a mean Janice Joplin, Sir Winston Churchill and Bugs Bunny.


Boom3Sitting next to me I could see George Bowser of Bowser and Blue smiling all the way through. Later George told Rick and I one of his favorite parts was an old TV commercial commenting on the favorite cigarettes of doctors. Lol.


After each performance there is an interesting after talk when the quick witted Rick sits cross legged on stage and asks the audience to share some of their experiences. He also answers questions. He urged us to patiently speak with old people and learn from them. My thought was how my dear old 98 year old holocaust survivor Mom would tell me “You win some, you lose some ……. Better you should win more! “  Since the big Atomic BOOM in 1945 we as a world have certainly won more just by virtue of the fact that this world full of people still exists and like Rick so elegantly sings in Joni Mitchells voice “ …… and go round and round and round in the Circle Game “


Don’t miss BOOM. It was so awesome I’m tempted to see it again!

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Photos by:  Paul Lampert