2 chainz collegroveTwo of the biggest rappers from the South have come together to create an album that is like a breath of fresh air. Who would have thunk it? Beyond all the laughs and bragging you have to admit that they work well together despite the fact that each has a supersized ego. There is enough spotlight to go around and each seems happy sharing it with the other. Great verses and catchy tunes abound. Unlike a Kendrick Lamar album you will not spend your time analyzing the lyrics because that is not where the depth is. Actually, I don’t rightly know where the depth is, but it still is fun. They go back and forth spittin’ their raps and trying to outdo the other. If that sounds like a good time to you check out the track “Bounce” as it features both uttering some rather hilarious lines. The track captures the essence of each rapper and what we like about them.