Born to be Blue – Music From the Motion Picture

born to be blue music from the motion pictureGreat collection of songs from the motion picture Born to Be Blue featuring Ethan Hawke as horn player and vocalist Chet Baker.  Baker was a jazz icon and it is big shoes to step into. Besides some well-known Baker songs there are also a couple of originals by Odetta and Charles Mingus. Much of the credit for the quality found in the music in the movie and here on the soundtrack must go to Canadian composer David Braid. Braid is talented and courageous enough to take classics like “Over the Rainbow” and “My Funny Valentine” and give them slightly different arrangements. For the most part is works well. Another plus is Ethan Hawke’s vocals. He does the film and the music a service by not trying to mimic the voice of Chet Baker. Hawke, like any good actor would, just finds the essence of the man with the bitter sweetness in his gentle voice. The songs on the soundtrack are decades old and are given a whole new life.

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