birdy beautiful liesYoung British songstress with the most Belgian last name I have even heard (Jasmine van den Bogaerde) goes by the stage name Birdy and has recently released her third album. Her debut was a big deal that someone so young (she was fourteen at the time) could be so talented and produce such mature sounding music.  Album number two caused a lot less of a ripple. Now, she is all of nineteen and Beautiful Lies sounds her return to critical and commercial success. Birdy is now spreading her wings as an artist and a young woman. Don’t expect what you got from the fourteen year old as she was a mere child then. Her voice is great with her best moments being when she stays in her natural (lower) voice and you can tell that she has put a lot of sweat and passion into each track. For the strongest example of her voice listen to the track “Deep End”. The talent shown over the course of the fourteen tracks here and her short career so far leads me to believe that Birdy will be around for a long time. What you will notice with the sound change is that she sounds a lot like a modern day Kate Bush or someone who is following the individualistic path like Lorde. It seems as if music fans are back on board the Birdy bus as the first single off the album, the up tempo “Keeping Your Head Up”, was a big hit in the U.K. A definite must check out for fans of female singer-songwriters that produce a lot of piano based music.