iggy pop post pop depressionThis guy, despite all his well-documented excesses, is still going strong and seemingly unstoppable. With his seventeenth solo release, Post Pop Depression, he is still as growly and probably rock and roll shirtless as he ever was. Obviously he has happened upon a fountain of youth because there seems no end to his energy and desire to record and tour. The album was co-produced and played on by Queens of the Stone Age bandmates, Josh Homme and Dan Fertita and Arctic Monkeys drummer, Matt Helders.  Right from the first track, “Break Into Your Heart”, I was sold as his voice is as Iggy Pop as ever, the music kicks butt and the lyrics are filled with as much attitude and posturing as ever. This continues with no fillers in sight (or earshot) until the closing track “Paraguay”, which may be the album’s strongest. Iggy plus the three younger musicians has resulted in a kickass album. Keep recording Iggy!