gwen stefani this is what the truth feels likeThis is one busy lady as over the last three years she has had another child, been a coach on television’s The Voice, divorced husband Gavin Rossdale and fallen in love with country superstar Blake Shelton. Somewhere in there she was able to write and record music for her first solo album in ten years. Despite the fact that there has been some majorly unhappy moments in her life lately the album still has, for the most part, music that is as bubbly as her personality. Some have complained that the music here does not have that polished feel to it you would expect from a star of this magnitude. I argue that is exactly what is the most likable thing about it. She is open and vulnerable, not guarded as most stars are. What I like most about it is how personal it feels. The lyrics on the album make you feel like you know what is going on in Stefani’s head and heart right now. Love, heartbreak and then on to a new love. Loads of raw emotions that are reflected in her voice. Speaking of the voice she uses her upper register a lot less and there is a return to the No Doubt era vibrato. That kind of access is unusual today. Matching her up and down moods is the variety of tempos. A nice mixture of mid, up and down tempo songs.