graham nash his path tonightOn an album that sounds like it is where hippies from the Sixties go to die. That might sound negative, so let me explain what I mean by that. At different moments musically you are transported back to that distinctive decade in music with all the hushed tones, harmonica solos and guitar riffs that are so Sixties you might find yourself shedding a tear. Then there is a complete change of direction by this happy go lucky hippie in regards to the tone of the songs. Many are dark coming from the perspective of someone who knows that they have more road behind them than they have ahead of them. Nash comes off feeling very underappreciated by the world around him today. Also, a little bitter about the change in the climate (not weather) around him in that the world is no longer a warm and fuzzy place. There even seems to be some shade thrown at his former Crosby, Stills & Nash bandmates in a couple of lines in the song “Golden Days”. His first solo material in fourteen years comes along with a DVD that contains twenty live songs from a gig in St. Louis as well as an interview.