Julia Louis-Dreyfus is great at her job. Her job is being a comedic actress. A very good one. Her career resumé is an impressive one. Not many can boast having Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Saturday Night Live and Arrested Development as part of their careers. Usually you only get one great series whereas this lady has a bunch. Now she has added another to the already impressive list.


Veep is a multi Emmy-winning political comedy in which Julia Louis-Dreyfus plays Selina Meyer, a politician who starts off as a senator, then moves up to the Vice President of the United States and finally the President. What is funny about that is that she is a pretty bad politician. To make matters worse, she surrounds herself by equally inept or kooky people.


veep the complete fourth seasonHaving made her mark as a politician and now having reached the highest post as President of the United States Selina Meyer finds herself just trying to keep her head above water. It is a daily battle. She is trying to last as President longer than her predecessor, William Henry Harrison, the country’s shortest serving President. Even at the beginning this seems touch and go.  She and her staff will go to great lengths to make Selina seems presidential, which is a full-time job.


The political games that happen in Washington are as funny as anything out there. The writing is witty and the cast give the whole thing an improv feeling. It is the focus on the small moments that separates Veep from other comedies. The laughs are small but continuous instead of going for that big (and usually elusive) gut busting laugh. Plenty of tongue in cheek and winking goes on. Though it is a comedy it does a great job illustrating the maze that is Washington and politics. That added with the wide variety of wacky characters results in high quality humour.


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