deftones goreWhat this band has evolved and matured into doing is combining a bunch of different musical genres together in one body of work and ones that seem like that they would not work together but making it all gel. This one however delves mostly in the alt-rock pool and it in the Deftones hands is dark and murky body. The sound is at times unsettling while lead singer Chino Moreno’s voice is what can be best described as a distorted screech. Shiver inducing at times because it almost sounds like they are possessed and compelled to make this music. What is pleasing about it is if you are brave enough to listen to it again and again then it has a depth to it that allows you to uncover a new nugget you never noticed before. On top of that complexity there is completeness to it all – meaning it works best not as individual tracks but as a body of work. This is the biggest sound leap the veteran band has taken and it does keep you on your toes.