the inspectorFrom the mid to late Eighties as part of the Pink Panther cartoon series there was a very popular cartoon called The Inspector. A very popular and endearing character loosely based on Inspector Clouseau. Meaning it was one misstep and pratfall after another. The jokes and situations are pretty much the same throughout the series but so well done that you cannot help but be entertained and laugh.


The Inspector (voiced by Pat Harrington Jr.) works in Paris and tries to keep it free of criminals. He works under the Commissioner (voiced by Paul Frees) who really does not like the way the Inspector works and ends up blowing up a lot at him. That just brings about more laughs. The quirky factor is certainly here with our hero spending his time chasing criminals (Paris seems like a haven for them) like The Blotch, a three-headed man and a bird.


Special Features:


-“Goodbye, Warner Bros. Hello, DePatie-Freleng” (16:59, HD)

-“Of Aardvarks, Ants, Inspectors, and Cranes” (17:10, HD)