peter wolf a cure for lonelinessIf the man’s name is not familiar to you then you probably were not alive in the Eighties or you are not a fan of the J. Geils Band. Peter Wolf was the frontman of that band and their high point was during that decade. Now he is releasing music on his own and what he has released has remained fairly consistent. By consistent I mean in regards to sound and quality. The sound here is rock and roll infused with healthy doses of roots. Longtime fans will probably at first cringe when they see that a live version of “Love Stinks” has been included on the album but fear not as this version is great. It is mainly acoustic and a different take (hillbilly sounding) at the well-worn song. Time has not taken anything away from his vocals as they are as colourful and strong as ever. Other strong tracks on A Cure for Loneliness, which he co-wrote with Will Jennings, include “How Do You Know” and “Tragedy”. His supporting band on the recording is the very talented Midnight Travelers.