the brokenwood mysteries series 2This ain’t your typical cop show. It is more Agatha Christie than Chicago P.D. More about brains and clues than it is about brawn though there is some action as well. If you enjoyed the first season then you’ll be happy to hear that they continue along the same path in the second.


DSS Mike Shepherd (played by Neill Rea) is the head honcho at the Brokenwood Criminal Investigation Branch. He uses his noggin to catch the criminals rather than trying to get things done with force. Beneath him are his able team of Detective Sims (played by Fern Sutherland) and DC Sam Breen (played by Nic Sampson). They can also count on pathologist Gina Kadinsky (played by Christina Ionda) to pitch in.


Each “episode” is like a feature length film in that they are one and a half hours long. It allows for time to get to really know the characters and dig in deep to the latest mystery. Each episode is a stand-alone affair meaning you can watch them in any order.


Though this is a New Zealand product it has a British feel to it with all the eccentric characters and witty dialogue. Quite enjoyable. The fun part is that this is supposed to a sleepy small town in New Zealand and yet every time someone sneezes there seems to be another body. And the bodies can turn up anywhere from at a local production of Hamlet to a soccer field.  All the great mysteries and writing is complimented by a talented cast that has great chemistry.


Special Features:

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