Obviously the idea of an epidemic, whether it be zombie or a virus, wiping out huge tracts of the human population on Earth is something that is on our minds as it keeps coming up in television shows and films. Colour us preoccupied.


the last ship the complete second seasonWith The Last Ship, a TNT series, it is a virus that is threatening mankind. It has wiped out or killed off over eighty percent of the population. Oddly enough it is the crew of a naval destroyer who end up being those that might be able to save those that are left. The first season concentrated on the introduction of storylines and characters along with their relationships with one another. Obviously because of the nature of the story you do have to suspend belief in certain sections but nothing too crazy. What does keep you coming back are the characters and the solid job by the cast bringing them to life.


Season two picks up where the first left off and the crew is scrambling to get out the cure that Dr. Rachel Scott (played by Rhona Mitra) has developed. Nothing is that simple though as when they arrive back in the United States they are confronted with the new world leaders under the command of Amy Granderson (played by Alfre Woodard). This new leadership is not sure that distribution of the cure is the way to go. At the same time there rises a new enemy that is looking towards world domination.


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